Free drum beats to keep you in time


Hi all,

I’ve found that using straight drum tracks instead of a metronome helps my students keep in time better than a metronome.  Why is this?

Metronomes by definition are very clinical and to the untrained ear can be difficult to follow, whereas we listen to drum beats all day long on our iPods, on adverts, in films, TV…

Below are a selection of drum beats in mp3 format for you to download to use in your practice. They increase in speed in increments of 10bpm (beats per minute) so you can start slow and work your way up.

To download, right click and ‘save as’
(NOTE – all tracks have been found to loop perfectly on iPhone and iPad – please let me know about other systems).

4/4 Drum Beats

Drum_Beats_70bpm | drum_beats_80bpm | Drum_Beats_90bpm

Drum_Beats_100bpm | Drum_Beats_110bpm | Drum_Beats_120bpm

Drum_Beats_130bpm | Drum_Beats_140bpm | Drum_Beats_150bpm

3/4 Drum Beats

3.4_Drum_Beats_70bpm | 3.4_Drum_Beats_80bpm | 3.4_Drum_Beats_90bpm

3.4_Drum_Beats_100bpm | 3.4_Drum_Beats_110bpm | 3.4_Drum_Beats_120bpm

6/8 Drum Beats

6.8_Drum_Beats_70bpm | 6.8_Drum_Beats_80bpm | 6.8_Drum_Beats_90bpm

6.8_Drum_Beats_100bpm | 6.8_Drum_Beats_110bpm | 6.8_Drum_Beats_120bpm

Happy playing!