Teaching Your Child | Guitar Tuition for Kids


Having been a guitar tutor for over 18 years I have taught many different people of all ages and abilities, from budding professionals, all the way down to absolute beginners; a good portion of whom are children.

The great thing about teaching kids is that they arrive with bags of energy and absolute enthusiasm; the tricky thing, is guiding that enthusiasm and turning it into good practice without having to overuse the word ‘discipline’!

It is my belief that a good tutor should inspire and enthuse before anything else can be achieved and this is my main aim in my lessons; especially where kids are concerned.  After all, nobody wants to spend 20-60 minutes a week with a boring teacher playing boring music, so I make sure that all the information in the lesson is delivered in a fun and appropriate way.  How is this done? In the form of games, fun tunes and keeping things simple enough to be achievable, but hard enough to be interesting.

A reward system is often good, especially in the form of cool riffs and song melodies – “once you’ve played this scale 5 times, I’ll teach you this!” – and I find that a structured system is important too, to measure development and to show the parents, the guys who are usually paying, where their bundle of joy is headed and what is expected of them and also of me, the tutor.


I know a lot of parents who’re keen for their child to take exams and I’m all for that, but it is also important to retain the sense of fun.  It’s always best to talk to the tutor about whether grade exams are appropriate for your child.

Working With Children Check

This is a requirement for any professional who is to be working with children and should e checked by the parents whether the tutor has one in place (I do!).  The tutor will provide their number and you are able to verify it online.

If you are looking for guitar lessons for your child, why not drop me a line at my guitar studio in Berowra Heights to discuss your options.