Guitar Lessons for Christmas - A Bit of Advice...

First published November 26th 2012

Ho ho ho!

My Xmas shopping outfit this year

My Xmas shopping outfit this year

I know it's early yet, but with Christmas on the way, you might be donning your battle gear ready to hit the streets in search of that perfect gift for your friends, family, other half or little rascals.  Others though, like me, are hiding under the stairs, chewing their nails and breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of the inevitable last minute Xmas eve shopping-spree handing out wads of cash to anyone, ANYBODY who can sell them something that looks remotely thoughtful.

There is one gift though, that will guarantee to show your thoughtfulness and aptitude for a bit of 'out of the box thinking' - guitar lessons!

Now, I'm not just plugging my own business as many of you reading this around the country will be too far away, but if you are planning on purchasing this unique present for a lucky recipient, here are a few tips for you to take into consideration when buying guitar lessons as a gift:


Don't buy too many

Has the person you're buying for mentioned guitar lessons before?  If not, you might be taking a chance, in which case, 1-5 is perfectly reasonable.  If it's a dead cert - up to 10 is great as it's virtually a short course and you might get a discount, if you ask.

Be sure to get something physical

At John Wilmshurst Guitar Tuition, I have professionally printed gift certificates that you can give on the big day - it makes a huge difference to the delivery of the gift!  Be sure to get something similar from your guitar tutor if it is available - even a print-out.

Check out your tutor

Like any other business a good reliable guitar tutor will have an internet presence with some online information.  They will be experienced and have a good word of mouth reputation.  They will also be prepared to take the time to answer your questions and let you know what their waiting list is like, if they have one.  Do your research - a bad tutor can put off a promising student for years.  

Don't leave it last minute!

If you are planning on buying a gift certificate, how will you collect it or pay for it? Can you pay by card, or online?  If you pay by transfer, does it have to clear first?  If possible, try to visit the tutor to collect, or ask them to come to you if they do house calls. Don't expect the post to guarantee fast delivery, that's all I'm saying... 

Pay for quality

If you are looking for professional guitar tuition, you will be paying professional prices, somewhere within the region of $60+ per hour.
If somebody is advertising 'guitar lessons for $30 per hour' then be prepared to get only $30 worth of expertise, experience, reliability and service.  $75.00 well spent will save you time, effort and money in the long run. Just think, would you hire a $50 per hour lawyer and expect to get a good service?

There you have it, a few tips to help you find the perfect gift experience this Christmas.

Happy shopping!