Welcome to John Wilmshurst Guitar Tuition!


Whether this is your first time playing the guitar or you have a little more experience behind you, there will be many opportunities to grow over our time together.


Almost all of the content you will receive is original and has been written over the last 18 years of my guitar playing and teaching career.  This is by no means the only content you are required to use and you are deeply encouraged to seek out anything that inspires you.  Please note, original content is ©John Wilmshurst


You will find hours of resources online via johnwilmshurst.com, Youtube and more to help you in your journey, including backing tracks, worksheets and exercises.  I am currently collating over 16 years worth of material and will upload it as we go.

During your first lesson you will be invited to join Google Classroom. You will need to have a google or gmail account (it's free).
Type in our class code which is mvjkxjh to find the class.   This is an online space for students to interact with myself and each other, if they wish.

All resources will be provided through this platform.  For example, the Guitar Lesson Planner used in our lessons is now online and can be filled in and read by students, parents and also me.


Learning the guitar should be fun.  It does have its challenges and will require effort, but remember; the more you practice, the easier it gets and the more fun it is.  You are expected to practice the content that is given to you every week in order for you to improve.  As long as you keep practicing you will improve.  There will be times when you are playing the same piece for several weeks and this is normal.  It takes time to become a musician!

Practice Schedule:

Little and often is best.  10 minutes of practice every day is much better than 4 hours of practice just before your lesson.

I have included a schedule on your guitar lesson planner to help you track your progress.

Purchasing extra lessons

You can buy your guitar lessons online on the link in the main menu.  Discounts apply for multiple lessons of 5 or 10.


Please read and complete the following terms and conditions found here.